Here are some of my humble game projects, or projects where I contributed a major part. Most of them are made with Unity and Blender.

Click on an image to see a gameplay preview.

Tank Top Tactics Demo

Together with Icecore Studios we created a turn based tactics game in sweet lowpoly style. I was the main programmer and also created some 3D models. It even comes with an onlinne pvp mode!

Published: 01-01-2021

Ancient Bowling

A nice little bowling game, with multiplayer capabilities. This game is also availabe on the google play store.

Published: 15-10-2017

Christmas Shooter

Protect the presents from the nasty goblins!

Published: 02-12-2016

Empty building simulator

A nice clean empty building with eight floors and a fully working elevator. Also comes with a rooftop to enjoy the view.

Published: 22-02-2016

Warmer Winter

A story driven atmospheric wintery exploration experience.

Published: 19-12-2014

World Connector Club

Have fun in a night club and connect two worlds!

Published: 24-08-2014

Unholy Dungeon

Three innocent princesses are trapped in a dungeon - and you can only save one!

Published: 08-05-2014

Mega Mystical Klomps

A crazy and unique platformer, with bad controls and bad art.

Published: 22-04-2014


A Tetris Clone in 3D made with Unity. You could upload your highscore online, but now the database server is down.

Published: 30-04-2012